Excerpts from the critics

GOLEM 3 – Myghty and Magically

»Torches, acrobats on stilts, creations from Alan Hranitelj and naked bodies, covered solely in white powder. For background the walls and towers of the castle of Ljubljana, The show that comprises all these elements cannot be something else but magical. Golem 3, choreographed by Stefan Maria Marb /assisted by Tanja Zgonc) and with a cast of almost 20 actors and Butoh dancers from Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Croatia is a dance spectacle, produced by Plesni Teater Ljubljana, which left a mighty impression. And in no small measure the sympathy from the public. The dancers golems actually performed at 10 degrees Celsius naked and barefoot. If they were cold, it was not seen – not a single muscle vibrated wrongly.

Golem is a medieval legend, linked to Jewish mysticism. The Jewish magi created the first golem from water and earth and awakened him to life by cabbalistic methods, they became creators. The shows in all three parts connects to the essential idea of a golem and questions itself about where the development of biotechnology and genetic manipulation will lead us, what is the value of a cloned human being, what is the relation between the creator and his creation. The answers are left to the spectator.«

T. N. S., JANA, 16. 8. 2005


Fight for life formation

»Marb has skilfully used the castle space and decentralized spectator's view by simultaneous happening on various site locations: on the tower, from which The Queen of the Night from Mozart's Magic Flute was, unfortunately not impeccably, sang by the Queen of the Creators (Christin Mollnar), on the castle walls, protected by warriors with torches, and on stage of the castle yard, where unfolds the central sequence between the queen and the clones and by which in the end appear acrobats on stilts, who in contents complement the concept about genetically manipulated beings; and finally the stranger on a horse (Stefan Maria Marb) who excellently dances the concluding reconciliation dance.«
Mojca Kumerdej, DELO, Culture/rtv: Tuesday, 9th August 2005


Missed mysticism of dance

»On this summer night Ljubljana Castle revived in mythological spirit, illuminated with torches, where vivid white and fiery creatures were winding on several places of the castle, on spaces under the arcades, on the bridge and on the walls, simulating the mythological story about Golem, the human being made out of clay, who had been created by a rabbi from water and earth and inspired with life.«

»The procession was invitingly led from the outside gate by a musician, accompanied by a clay queen and pleasant melodies. A bit later a classical soprano resounded from the castle tower, an angel's voice; when the singer landed on the castle floor we were gazing at an unusual creature on stilts, covered with imaginative hoop-petticoat. In the space dark beings were also flying across but, as it is right, had to withdraw before the bright fire energy. Horse hooves echoed from far, the mysticism of medieval atmosphere from castle times was thus complete; moreover the horse appeared together with the rider, when he placed a covered white being, the amorphous Adam. The medieval intertwining is linked to Jewish tradition which says that the Prussian rabbi Levi ben Bezabeli inspired a soul to a clay human being and took him for his servant.

I hope that some tourist organizer also attended the show; as such shows could definitely enliven Ljubljana Castle and its cultural offer.«
Daliborka Podboj, VECER, Wednesday, 10th August 2005


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