In Workshops you can go deep into the stuff. There you´ll to your limits and you´ll cook your ego. Very good for beginners, so you get a good taste about butoh in a short time ( one weekend). There are offers of indoor and outdoor Workshops, which are either taught by Stefan Marria Marb or by foreign butoh artists.

current workshops






Butohworkshop Tanja Zgonc
june, 15 and 16, 2024 at Tanztendenz München

In the upcoming workshop Tanja Zgonc will focus at the movement with the back and at the poetry of the dance with our invisible strings.
In our bodycells these strings are ever stored and present, but mostly we are not conscious about. In Butoh we can find and experience them.
Tanja Zgonc works as a professor for butohdance at the academy for acting in Ljubljana/Slovenija ( AGRFT) and also as an independent choreographer. She created by herself several successful danceproductions, like KAGAMI and KOORA, which were both rewarded with national slovenian prizes.
After her education in Modern dance she dedicated her further studies to the Butoh with the old masters Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno, Ko Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda. For Tanja Butoh is a method and a movement priniciple, where you research your own psychophysical traces. Therefore she developed her own specific style of movement, where the main focus lies on the expressive motoric of the back. On top of this Tanja uses the breathe as a creative and dynamical element.

Time: saturday, 11 am till 4 pm; sunday, 10 am till 4 pm
Place: Tanztendenz München, Lindwurmstrasse 88/munich
fee: 260€-  
reduced: 230€.-

tregistration: Stefan Maria Marb, fon: +49 (0)1701676267






Butoh Outdoor Workshop with Stefan Maria Marb
summer 2023

Butoh Outdoor invites our moving body, to get in touch with the currently at this time full- blow nature. Inspired by that we get the chance to come to a halt, to listen und to open oneself for the moments of here and now. According to the current weathercircumstances we have the possibility dancing protected inside or to move to one of the following thrilling outdoor spots: Hill, forest, meadow, little water, gorge filled up with mud and water.

special outdoor places are waiting for you there:
gorge filled up with mud and water

Time: saturday and sunday, 10 am till 5 pm

Place: Eurastetten/ close to munich

fee: 250€- inclusive lunch and overnight stay
early bird tarif: 220€.- ( payment till june, 20)
transaction/ account at Postbank München/ Germany:
Stefan Marb
IBAN DE50700100800424939802

Registration and further information: 0049/89/7148848 or






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