Butoh is a contemporary avant-garde post-war dance form which originated in Japan and which was first performed there in 1959. It combines dance, theater, improvisation and influences of Japanese traditional performing arts with German Expressionist dance (Neue Tanz) and performance art to create a unique performing art form that is both controversial and universal in its expression.
Stefan Marria Marb met Butoh 1988 in Vienna. It was an imprinting encounter. Afterwards he started to work consequently with the most known Butohmasters like:
Ko Murobushi, Carlotta Ikeda, Mitsutaka Ishi, Tadashi Endo, Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno. Using and constantly developping further their knowledge his own style of Butoh slowly unfolded itself in his creative opus. There is no limit.

Butoh is not a dance, in a traditional sense. It is an wholly method to express the drama of human existence. Body, emotion and the mind are working together expressing different and timeless imagines. They are beyond modern dance aesthetics, showing more the cycling aspects of human nature.

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